Rodrigo João Bertotti

5 years of experience Brazil

I build Apps and servers for Startups and I contribute to open-source projects so other developers can do the same

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“I had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo when we hired him at FotoFinish to build out our Android and iOS mobile applications. Rodrigo is an absolute dream to work with - he is very experienced and highly skilled in Dart/Flutter, takes initiative, is an excellent communicator. He is efficient and produces world class work. I recommend Rodrigo with no hesitation!”
- Daniel's testimonial | Project Manager at

"Rodrigo is a very well rounded programmer, with great logic, organization and communication skills. Will definitely hire him again for our projects!"
- Eduardo's testimonial | Co-Founder of

🎥 Video from Daniel's best friend, Ariel Helwani, the most important MMA journalist in the world (video authorized by himself to share):


👨‍🎓 Graduated in Computer Science
✔️ Arc Certified Remote Developer
🔶 StackOverflow Reputation: Over 5,300
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Technologies I'm working with:

🔷 Node.js - Backend development
🔷 Flutter - Android, iOS and WebApp Development
🔷 MySQL | PostgreSQL
🔷 Firebase

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  • My position was Full-Stack App Development. Most of the App and the entire backend were designed and developed by me
  • I worked remotely from Brazil on as freelancer, so I didn't start the FotoFinish App from scratch. My top one biggest contribution is a feature that downloads data from the server, cache it offline and also send multiple HTTP operations to the server once the user is online again, several nuances were recognized and handled. Check the testimonial from FotoFinish.
  • Technologies: Flutter
  • Software not public yet (confidentiality agreement)





Arc Certified Remote Developer Issued Jul, 2020 - No Expiration Date


StackOverflow: Over 5,300 of Reputation
Apr, 2024
GitHub: Over 140 Stars on my Repositories
Apr, 2024